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If there is a name the media loves getting it wrong and gets away with, it’s Wu Chun who also goes by Zhun and Zun. Perhaps this is all part of show biz creative licenses at work or perhaps it [show biz] simply subscribes to the notion of variety being the spice of life!

This post begins with photos of Chun at his new establishment on the eve of the grand opening. It was the first time I had stepped into Fitness Zone and certainly the first time I had met Chun in person and I must say—he looked every bit like what I’d imagined and he handled himself with finesse when I introduced myself. The following three pictures are candids shot with a telephoto lens at 200mm on my EOS 5D.

Photo gallery from the Fitness Zone Grand Opening at the end of this post (incl. a bonus gallery dedicated to Wu Chun’s fans)

^ Wu Chun © 2007 Jan Shim Photography

Chun takes photos of his clients and staff at work while fans look on in admiration.

^ Wu Chun © 2007 Jan Shim Photography

With so many digital cameras and camera phones pointed at him, Chun remained unfazed by the attention and took a couple of shots of us in reciprocity.

^ Wu Chun © 2007 Jan Shim Photography

On Grand Opening day right after Chun concluded press conference, there was photo opportunity with Chun before he handed me a goodie bag and another for a special friend, Leukaemia patient Desmond Chin for whom I’m helping raise donations. Many thanks, Chun, you’ve just touched someone with your kindness.

^ Me & Chun on Grand Opening Day © 2007 Jan Shim Photography [more ..]

As a token of my appreciation, I produced these photo DVD as a gift to celebrate his success. On it contains still photos and a gallery of the grand opening that Chun can share with his family and friends and is welcome to share them with his fans on his personal blog. I’m working and commuting for most part of this week before I head over to my next shoot in Hanoi for the ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum. I’ve asked my sister in law Julie to pass the discs to Chun. I hope he gets them before he leaves Brunei.

^ DVD design and photography © Jan Shim Photography

Selected photos from Grand Opening day starts here …

^ This is one of my favourite moments that I chose for the DVD cover.

^ Chun delivers his speech in Malay and English.

Well, I have to admit that I was rather amazed by how broadly fitness is now defined this century. What is fitness? It’s not just about working out at clubs anymore. It has also to do with how you eat, sleep and live … it should be part of everyone’s life!

This is why I had this dream to build a world-class fitness club that allows Bruneians to enjoy the intrinsic rewards of changing ones lives through fitness. That’s why I had a great passion for this job as much as today as I did when I was just starting out. ~ Wu Chun

^ Chun taking time out to refuel.

^ Press conference nonchalance

^ One of Chun’s many faces during the press conference

^ Chun makes his way to autograph signing after press conference

^ Chun spreading his magic in various colors.



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